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Learn ABC 123

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A clever approach for learning, using recognition of shapes and sounds.
Also with the Educational and Echoic Memory Games not only you will learn as you play, but also you will increase your Focused Attention ability.

With "Learn ABC 123" you can quickly:
-Learn the English alphabet,
-Learn the English capital letters,
-Learn the English lower case letters,
-Learn the first 20 numbers,
-Learn the English names of animals and objects.
-Learn the first 15 basic colors,
-Learn 15 shape names,
-Test how well you know what you have learned by winning three (3) gold stars for all symbols.

Download from Google Play (Learn English)
Download from Google Play (Learn Spanish)
Download from Google Play (Learn French)

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Alma Memory

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Alma Memory is a collection of 3 different types of Memory Games.
Using Memory cards you can play:

- "Echoic Memory" is an acoustic memory practice. A game that helps you to increase focused Attention.
- "Educational Memory" is a learning tool for English alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and animal names.
- "Simple Memory" is like a typical memory game but with a different sound for each card.

Download from Google Play

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MathTris is a Math Game with Number blocks.
Number blocks are falling from the sky. Use your math skills to save the city from too much construction.

Download from Google Play

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Puppy Catch

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Catch as many puppies as you can and
try not to let any puppy to fall as you avoid the bombs!

An extremely addictive game based on your reflexes!

Download from Google Play (Puppy Catch)
Download from Google Play (Kitten Catch)
Download from Google Play (Pizza Catch)

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Magic Bus

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Use your skills and get ready to race in the magic world of Magic Bus!

Pick wisely the bus that fits you the most and switch lanes as fast as you can.
Use your reflexes to stop at the right time at the bus stops!

Download from Google Play