Basic Market Products

Alma Payroll stars

Alma Payroll transcends the conventional boundaries of payroll systems. It stands as a comprehensive, compliant, and cutting-edge payroll management solution, rigorously optimized for the Cypriot market. Elevate your business to unparalleled heights of payroll excellence. Introducing Alma Payroll: The Gold…

Alma Taurus stars

Ελληνικά: Introducing Alma Taurus: Precision Accounting Optimized for Cyprus Multilingual Capabilities Alma Taurus stands as a multilingual accounting system, meticulously designed to facilitate seamless business operations across Cyprus and beyond. Regulatory Compliance: In Accordance with Cypriot Legislation Financial ManagementAlma Taurus…

Alma POS

Alma POS (Point of sale) utilizes a barcode scanner, a POS printer and cash drawers. Alma POS offers a full automation of a complete transaction without the need of a keyboard.

Customer Management System

Alma Customer Management is a software that helps professionals to keep up with all the information related their customer.

Alma Octopus

Alma Octopus is a document management system that handles folders and documents of virus types allowing open search with different keys.

Alma Stock Control

Alma Stock control is using several different attributes for each stock item.

Alma Invoicing

Alma Invoicing offers the printing of invoices for sales, purchases and expenses while updating at the same time your debtors and creditors.