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Basic Market Products

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Customer Management System

Alma Customer Management is a software that helps professionals to keep up with...

Alma Octopus

Alma Octopus is a document management system that handles folders and documents of...

Alma Payroll

Alma Payroll is a complete payroll system adjusted to the Cyprus laws that...

Alma Stock Control

Alma Stock control is using several different attributes for each stock item.

Alma POS

Alma POS (Point of sale) utilizes a barcode scanner, a POS printer and...

Alma Taurus

Alma Taurus is a complete accounting system that includes invoicing, debtors, creditors, stock...

Alma Invoicing

Alma Invoicing offers the printing of invoices for sales, purchases and expenses while...

Specific Market Products

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Building Management System

Alma Skyscraper is a complete building management software that automates collection of buildings...

Construction Cost Control (CCC)

The Alma CCC is designed to help decision makers in construction industry to...

Electronic Medical Records

Alma medical records is a database software that helps any business owner with...

Route Planner System

Route Planer is a system that automates companies with a fleet of vehicles...

Municipals & Community Boards Products

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Library Management System

The Library Management is a complete library automation system.

Alma Sewage

Alma Sewage is an automation system that helps community boards to follow up...

Alma Pergamos

Alma Pergamos is a software system that helps the organization and collection of...

Alma Cemetery

Alma Cemetery is a software that helps community boards to collect the cemetery...

Alma Wettax

Alma Wettax is a water consumption and general tax automation system.

Alma Tiger

Alma Tiger is a irrigation automation system. It helps the community boards to...

Alma Property

Alma Property is a property database that uses government land information to help...